As a teacher, I have built a bridge for my students and their families. I lend an ear, stand up, and speak out for them when I know there is a need. As your SJUSD Board Member, I will be accountable to parents, their children, and the community. I believe in a feedback cycle of communication in which I listen to the needs of my community, am receptive to what I hear, and hold myself accountable on an ongoing basis.


As an Equity Leader on my campus, I have learned alongside colleagues to reflect on and counter implicit racial and gender biases. I have evaluated classroom practices against inclusive goals to support equal access to education. I also have discussed and found solutions for inequities with administrators. As your Board Member, I will develop an Equity Leadership Team led by an Equity Consultant to work with teacher and school leader liaisons. This team will assess the current systems and support each other in professional learning communities to hold one another accountable district-wide.


As your Board Member, I will maintain a culturally responsive pedagogy and expand it across content areas to promote student success. This will happen in three forms: 1) maintaining expanding Ethnic Studies; 2) engaging students in Social-Emotional Learning; and 3) allowing for Teacher Professional development via online, in-house training, and forming Ethnic Studies and Social Emotional Learning committees for teachers co-create lessons for by grade level and content area as a means to support equal access to education.

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Unified School District Trustee Area 3, 2020
FPPC #1430631
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