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“Tomara Hall is a proven leader who understands the educational needs of students. She is tirelessly committed to closing achievement gaps and the predictability for students of diverse backgrounds. Tomara will bring a wealth of knowledge and experiences to the Santa Clara County Board of Education. She would be a wonderful addition to assist the Board in its mission of success for all students.”

-Wm. Derek Grasty (Board Trustee of President, Mt. Pleasant Elementary School District)


“Tomara Hall is one of the most caring, thoughtful, and committed individuals I know. She has worked tirelessly on behalf of the most marginalized and overlooked communities and students throughout Santa Clara County. She has fully accepted the responsibility to fight for change, and to make this place one where all students and families can thrive. We need her voice, passion, insight, and her tireless efforts on the Board of Education and she has my full support.”

-Jahmal Williams (Chair of Black Leadership Kitchen Cabinet)

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“I support Tomara Hall because she is a courageous and thoughtful leader, who isn't afraid to do the work, have the hard conversations and engage with the community to make decisions. She is deeply committed to education, students and families.”

-Rebeca Armendariz (Councilmember, City of Gilroy)

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“Tomara's experience as an equity leader and Special Education teacher gives her a unique perspective and understanding of the different issues that will go before the County Board of Education.   Her temperament and willingness to listen to all sides will make her an asset on the Board.  She will work with her fellow Board members to reach solutions that are in the best interest of the entire school community.”

-Neysa Fligor (Councilmember, City of Los Altos)

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“I am extremely delighted and excited that my friend, Tomara Hall, is running to be a Trustee for the SCC Board of Education. I have come to know Tomara over the last several years and have learned about her passion and commitment to the community particularly students, families, teachers, and faculty. Tomara is never hesitant when it comes to putting in the work to improve our community. She is seeking this position because she knows she has the skills necessary and understands the responsibility of the position not simply to climb the political ladder. 


Tomara is a tremendous leader who truly listens without judgment, works collaboratively to develop a solution, and takes initiative and is proactive when faced with challenges. Tomara has a community that cares about her and will do whatever we can to help her succeed because we know she has our best interests at heart. Join me in donating and voting for Tomara Hall. Thank You!”

-Elizabeth Agramont-Justiniano

(Community Activists & Organizer)


“I have known Tomara Hall since 2020 and continue to be impressed by her commitment to equity. As an effective organizer and coalition builder, Tomara prioritizes relationships and healing while courageously taking principled stands on tough issues. Her background as an equity leader and special education teacher gives her invaluable insight into the needs of marginalized students. Tomara's passion, empathy and tireless efforts to uplift the entire community make her the leader we need on the Santa Clara County Board of Education.

- Megan Fluke (former Executive Director of Green Foothills, Non-Profit Consultant, Moderator of Anti-Racist San Jose colaotion)

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